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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm



A teacher holding a valid Pennsylvania professional certificate is qualified to teach in a private academic school, such as Hopwood Child Care. 

Applicants must submit the following:


Plan and implement a full-day, year-round, developmentally appropriate curriculum including children’s interests, invitations/provocations, and lesson plans, inclusion of necessary materials, and rotation of toys and equipment on a regular basis. Provide safe, responsive, stimulating environment by actively engaging oneself in daily activities and routines. Form and maintain professional relationship with parents and families. Assess all areas of development of children using the Reggio Emilia-inspired Emergent Curriculum. Develop and maintain portfolio for each child. Conduct two parent-teacher conferences per year with each family.

Responsible for supervision and direction of Full-Time Assistant Teacher, Part-Time Assistant Teacher(s), Part-Time Aide(s), Volunteers. Maintain all certifications as required. Ensure compliance with all PA Department of Human Services rules and regulations. 


We offer a competitive wage based on experience and education.

$14.00 + / hour